2 Ways To Make Sure Your Bar Isn’t Serving Alcohol To The Wrong People

If you own a bar and are having a problem with your staff following the laws and regulations, your establishment may at risk of losing the liquor license. Obviously, this could easily put your bar out of business, so it’s crucial to make sure your staff is not serving alcohol to minors and people who are already visibly intoxicated. Here are a few ideas that may get your staff on board.

Include an Indemnification Clause in the Contract

Include an indemnification clause in a contract with each of the servers and bartenders who work for you. In this clause, you want to specify that the employee will be protected in lawsuits against the establishment but only if the employees do not do something that causes the lawsuit or a loss to your business. For example, if a bartender served alcohol to someone who was visibly intoxicated and that individual caused a death in a drunk driving accident, the deceased loved ones could file a wrongful death lawsuit against your establishment.

If a bartender is found to have contributed to the reason for a lawsuit filing, then they will be held monetarily liable for their role in the incident. Knowing this should be a huge deterrent for your bartenders and servers, causing them to be more careful about who they serve. Of course, in order to prove that the bartender knowingly served alcohol to someone who was already too intoxicated, you’ll need to have surveillance camera footage to look back on, so be sure to avoid taping over any footage.

Use ID Scanning Tools at Each Doorway

Bars often see minors trying to get into their establishments by using fake IDs. Because of this, fake IDs have become quite a business, especially in and around college towns. The people making the fake IDs purchase equipment that can make it extremely difficult to tell a fake ID apart from a real one. Fortunately, there are ID scanning tools that are available for doormen to use. These scanning tools read the strips on driver’s licenses and other government-issued IDs via a smartphone app. 

Obviously, this can definitely be far more accurate than a doorman trying to figure out whether or not an ID Is legit, especially with a flashlight in a dark area. All these apps need is a flash or a flashlight on the mobile device in order for the scan to see the ID. Then the app will tell your doormen whether or not the ID is legit and if the individual on the ID is old enough to enter your establishment.

Author: Randy Ross

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