Outsourcing To Bangladesh? How GP Internet Can Help

As businesses expand and attempt to keep up with growing customer support needs at all hours of the day, much of the service representative calls are outsourced overseas. If you are finding that you need to outsource your overnight calls to places like Bangladesh because the different time zone helps you stay on top of customer needs, then you may also have some legitimate concerns regarding your international internet and SAAS usage. Companies like GP online can help, and here is how.

Setting up Your GP Internet Connections in Bangladesh and Your Home City

To get the internet connections set up, you are going to need an on-site communications room with servers dedicated to just the Bangladesh representatives. Additionally, you will need to have a service in place that connects your company’s internet and data base to these servers so that when your U.S. employees go home for the night, you (or they) can switch and transfer over the data bases to the Bangladesh reps with a seamless transition. Both the hardware and the software needed to accomplish this should come from a reputable provider that knows how to keep your internet connections intact with your international offices.

Next, your international internet provider will also have to work in tandem with the provider in Bangladesh to make these connections and make the connections work. One cannot simply connect to the internet and maintain a secure company connection over thousands of miles internationally without creating SaaS (Software as a Service) platform. This platform should block most anyone from accessing your company databases, except the outsourced calls to vetted reps in Bangladesh and your employees here in the states. A company like GP offers these business solutions and options when you are attempting to maintain a seamless and very secure flow of phone traffic.

Test Runs and Pinging

Because of the major time differences between the zones in the U.S. and Bangladesh’s time zone (or any other time zone internationally), you will want to hire an international internet provider that can conduct test runs of the system even when you and your teams are not in the office. After your new system has successfully passed several test runs and the representatives in Bangladesh have successfully received and answered some test calls, you will want to check up on the system regularly. The international business internet provider you choose should be able to “ping” your system here in the states and in Bangladesh a couple of times a night to verify that everything is functioning normally.

Author: Randy Ross

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