The Impact Of Acidic Water On Your Life

When moving to a new home, one of the things you should inspect is your water supply. If your water is acidic, which is especially common for those who live near the East coast, you may benefit from a water ionizer system for several reasons.

The Effects of Acidic Water

One of the reasons why pH is such an important factor to consider in drinking water is the degree to which heavy metals become soluble, depending on how acidic the water is. The greater the solubility of heavy metals, the more toxic the water becomes. 

Very acidic water can also have a corrosive effect on objects that come in contact with the water. This might be beneficial when cleaning, but the corrosion can be very damaging on sensitive surfaces.

The consumption of acidic water can also have negative health effects. You may be more prone to weight gain, premature aging, osteoporosis, hormonal problems, kidney stones, joint inflammation and chronic fatigue. The human body is healthier when it is able to maintain a pH balance. When used for personal hygiene, acidic water can be irritating to the eyes and mouth. Even lower levels of pH can cause skin irritation.

The leaching of heavy metals can have a negative impact on one’s digestive system. Those consuming a lot of heavy metals suffer from nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Filters can be used to remove the heavy metals, but raising the pH of the water supply is a more effective solution.

Why Water Becomes So Acidic

pH can vary based on the pH of the bedrock through which water passes. Also, a large amount of plant matter can cause the pH to rise. When the plant matter decomposes, this leads to a rise in carbon dioxide. This rise leads to water forming carbonic acid, which lowers the pH. Though not the strongest acid, when combined with other factors, it can reduce the pH of the water supply. Also, if you drink water that is high in pH in combination with the consumption of foods that are high in acid, such as apple juice, your body’s pH will be even lower.

The Solution

Water ionizer systems are designed to raise the pH of your water. This is accomplished using electrolysis to separate alkaline and acidic components in water. The water that is closer to the anode is acidic, while the water that is closer to the cathode is alkaline. This electrolysis is conducted as a stream of water passes over an electric current. Contact a company like Kangen Water for more information about solutions.

Author: Randy Ross

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