Need Storage For A Boat? 4 Features To Look For When Storing It Off-Site

When you have to take your boat out of the water, storing the boat at your own home may not be an option. Factors such as city ordinances, or the practicality of storing a large boat, can make an off-site boat storage solution a necessity. If you need help narrowing down a location to store your boat, consider these features in a storage facility to help narrow down your choice.

Easy Entry

Towing a boat behind your car is hard enough as it is, but it will be even more complicated when you need to navigate your boat through an off-site storage facility. Always consider how easy it will be to get your boat out and back into storage. You may find a facility that allows you to pull through a parking space to get the boat in place, while another requires you to back the boat up into a very narrow spot. Not having easy entry can make it discouraging to take a boat out of storage for short periods of time.

Proper Lighting

Take a look at the lighting in the off-site facility, and check to see if it will be adequate to work on your boat while it is in storage. You’ll also need lighting for hooking the boat trailer back onto your car, which will most likely be in the early morning hours for a fishing trip. It helps to view storage facilities in the evening to get a good idea of what kind of lighting you’ll have during the worst lighting conditions.

After-Hours Access

Taking the boat out for the day can have unexpected events that cause significant delays. You may forget what time it is because you are having fun, or the boat has mechanical problems that cause you to get back much later than anticipated.

You’ll want an off-site storage facility that allows you access to your boat at any time. It will help ensure that you can take your boat out when you want it, and bring it back to storage when you are ready.


If the storage site does allow access around the clock, security should be a concern for you. You’ll want to look for what kind of security system is in place, if there are cameras that watch who enters and exits the facility, and the entry method used to prevent unauthorized people from getting access. You may be able to find a facility that has a security guard, but expect to pay more money for the additional protection.

Visit a local boat storage facility in your area to see if they meet all your needs. Contact a business, such as Eagle Airport Car And Mini Storage, for more information.   

Author: Randy Ross

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