The ABCDs Of Reaping The Highest Profits From Recycling Scrap Metal

It’s tucked away in garages around your neighborhood, stored down in the basement, and even hiding out in your own trash–scrap metal can be found just about everywhere and in a lot of different forms. It is no big secret that scrap metal buyers will actually pay you for your old metal junk, and, in fact, there are some folks who pretty much make a living at doing this alone. Even if you are not looking to make your primary income with scrap metal recycling, it is always best if you know how to get the most money for your junk-collecting efforts. 

Always remove trash and debris from the scrap metal before hauling it to the recycling center. 

To determine how much you will be paid for the scrap metal pieces you bring in, the buyer will need to be able to tell what you have. If you go dig up a huge chunk of brass or copper and it is caked in years worth of crud, you may only be paid the basic price for trash steel because the buyer will not be able to see what you actually have. Before you throw any metal items onto your load, take a few minutes to clean it off. 

Briefly investigate the going scrap metal prices. 

Before you settle on any particular recycling center to sell your collected items, get online and check out the current scrap metal prices. Compare the national average with the prices offered locally by several buyers to track down the place that will give you the most money for your items. In some cases, it is well worth the extra fuel to drive a few extra miles and get more per pound for your scrap metals. 

Collect metals that are more difficult to find. 

Generally speaking, metals that are harder to find are going to bring you the most money. For example, aluminum cans that are simple to find will only bring you between .22 and .32 cents per pound, while plumbers brass can fetch as high as $1.02 per pound or higher depending on the current rates. It is well worth the effort to track down metal scrap that is not as abundant. 

Dissect items that have multiple metals. 

If you are planning to take large items, such as metal appliances or vehicle parts, to the scrap metal recycling center, it is a good idea to take apart the large pieces and separate the metals. For example, one refrigerator could have steel, aluminum, and copper inside. If the metals are not already separated, you may be paid the going rate for the lowest-cost metal per pound. 

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Author: Randy Ross

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