Make Money In Your Spare Time With Legitimate Online Business Opportunities

When you have access to a computer and a good internet connection, there is never a reason for your pockets to be empty. There are many online business opportunities that can help you line your pockets with a bit of extra income. Even though there will always be those work-from-home schemes that are barely more than a pyramid marketing scam, there are actually some legitimate ways you can make money online in your spare time. Here are a few of the best online business opportunities that you should consider if you are looking to make some extra cash. 

1. Review Mobile Apps – New mobile apps are constantly in development from different companies and these companies highly value user opinions in the beginning launch stages. So much so, that they will often pay for your opinions if you will download and use their apps and give feedback. If you are a tech junkie who loves to play around with your phone or tablet anyway, reviewing apps in your spare time could be an attractive way to make a little extra money. 

2. Create a Drop Shipping Website – You don’t have to actually have your own inventory in order to sell products online or create your own sales website. You can set up a site and become a drop shipper. Drop shipping involves marketing someone else’s products with a slight mark up for your own profit. You make the sales, but the products are shipped from a different company. If you have a knack for marketing,drop shipping can actually be a lucrative way to make some money. 

3. Make Use of Your Social Media Influence – If you have a lot of followers or connects on social media, you are already at a stance where you have the opportunity to make money online. Companies are constantly looking for ways to market their products or services online and many will pay individuals like yourself to share their company posts or promote their products on your social media profiles.

4. Tackle Crowd Tasks – Reviewing products, checking links on websites, reviewing contact information, scanning images for appropriate content — all of these are examples of small tasks that go into everyday marketing in the world of the internet. Businesses have millions of these tiny tasks that must be completed on a regular basis. Because they don’t have enough on-hand staff to handle these micro tasks on their own, companies commonly outsource these short jobs to crowd-source style companies. If you are pretty quick with simple online tasks, you can make a second income by signing up with companies that offer micro tasks jobs online. 

Author: Randy Ross

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