Choosing A Grave Marker

Dealing with the passing of a loved one is a difficult process. When you add on the responsibilities of making the final arrangements, this only intensifies the stress level. When it comes to choosing a grave marker, there are a number of things you can do to make the process easier so that you can spend more time with close friends and family during this difficult time.


Before selecting a grave marker, take time to learn about any regulations the cemetery might have. It’s not uncommon for a cemetery to have restrictions when it comes to the height, style or shape of a memorial. For example, some cemeteries may require that all markers be a certain height, while some sites may require flat, in-ground markers. Finding out this information beforehand will make the shopping experience much faster and less stressful.


Granite markers seem to be the more common choice because of their durability. There are other options that you can also consider, such as bronze. Bronze has the ability to withstand prolonged exposure to harsh elements like sun and rain without damage. If you’re looking for a complimentary headstone that will stand out from others, don’t overlook bronze. If you have a larger budget, marble is another option that offers a unique look, high level of durability, and low need for maintenance.


Have an idea what the marker will include beforehand. Traditionally, families choose to include the name, birth date and date of death. A traditional sized marker can easily accommodate this. For greater information, such as the deceased’s favorite quote, you may need to purchase a slightly larger marker. Make sure you know what you want the stone to say beforehand so you will know what size marker to look for.

Last Will And Testament

If the deceased had a last will and testament, it’s a good idea to wait until this document has been reviewed as it may include details about the desires of the individual in terms of their marker. Honoring their wishes can help bring you a sense of comfort. Since these documents are not always immediately available, you may have to wait and purchase the marker at a later time.

The grave marker you select is a way to commemorate the life of the deceased and show your appreciation for them. Make sure you are taking your time to choose the most appropriate option.

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Author: Randy Ross

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