When You Know Urine Trouble: Steps For Cat Owners To Reclaim Their Carpets

Your cat is a wanted guest, but his unfriendly smells are not. Unfortunately, cat owners know that dreaded lingering scent that fails to depart even when your cat hasn’t urinated in days. When kitty just can’t contain himself, make sure to get rid of odors and stains fast. Cats are known to continue marking the same spots if they still smell urine there! Follow these steps to relieve yourself when kitty relieves himself:

1. Remove the urine.

Got a puddle? Pick it up. The less urine sitting on the carpet, the less there is to deep clean. Make sure to pick up any area where the cat has urinated outside the box and dry clean linens involved in the mess. You can use a wet rag and cold water to blot the stain, but make sure not to rub it or you may make things worse.

2. Apply enzymatic cleaner.

No other type of cleaner will break down stains and smell. An enzymatic cleaner is protein-based, breaking down smells until the urine is no longer apparent – even to your cat!

3. Shampoo the area.

Carpet cleaner is great for your carpet, so long as it is not ammonia-based. Additionally, you do not want to steam clean the carpet. Cold water will stop odors from sticking to the fibers.

4. Utilize a baking-soda based air freshener.

Baking soda is your best friend in combating foul cat smells. Sprinkle the air freshener on the carpet, allowing it to absorb odor for about 20 minutes before vacuuming the carpet thoroughly. Make sure to use a lot of baking soda, repeating the process as many times as you feel necessary.

5. Prevent future accidents.

You can prevent your cat from continuing to urinate on the carpets and mark objects by paying more attention to his litter box habits. Sure, it’s not really a desirable course of action, but it will certainly help. You might consider laying down absorbent pads in areas your cat likes to mark or urinate. If you have not spayed or neutered your cat, be sure to do this as well. If the urination continues, consider talking to the vet about potential kidney or bladder issues.

Of course, the problem could be as simple as you needing to clean the litter box more often. You should also consider adding a few extra litter boxes around the house. And when all else fails, consider contacting a professional carpet cleaner.

Author: Randy Ross

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