Water: The Key To Life

Water is important to stay healthy and keep your body functioning. However, a lot of people may not drink any water at all in a day. Here is why water is so important and ways you can incorporate this important fluid into your everyday life.

Why Water Is Good for You

Water is great for your body because for one, your body is made mostly of water. The human body is roughly 60-70 percent water, and we need to replenish it whenever we exercise or do other things to sweat the water out of our bodies. Drinking water will prevent dehydration, which is something that occurs when you do not have enough water in your system. Some symptoms of dehydration include headaches, joint pain, and muscle weakness. Water is also the perfect substitute for drinks that we have on a daily basis: such as soda, coffee, or tea. Water may also help you boost your metabolism, which may ultimately help you lose weight.

Is Bottled Water Bad?

Bottled water is not a bad thing because it is good for convenience and its simply a container to carry water in. However, there have been some sources saying that bottled water is bad for you personally. The answer to this is complicated. Some bottled water tends to be made of plastic that is made of BPA, which has some links to infertility. However, this does not mean that you will not be able to have children if you drink bottled water. You just need to be careful about much bottled water you are drinking, and possibly substituting plastic bottles for aluminum containers instead, which do have BPA. It is also much easier to put ice in an aluminum container instead of a plastic one.

Ways to Substitute Water into Your Diet

A little water during the day is better than none, so be sure in the morning before you brush your teeth to take a sip or two. Not only does water help keep your body functioning properly, but it also helps jump start your metabolism. Try and make a habit of taking water to work, or giving yourself a cup at work to have a drink from the water fountain. Try and substitute water for soda whenever you go to a sit down restaurant. Ordering water at restaurants will not only cut your bill because water is free, but it will not fill you up like soda might so you can fully enjoy your meal. 

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Author: Randy Ross

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