A Good Security System Can Help People Who Are Elderly Stay In Their Home Longer

As people age, they still want their house to be safe and secure, but safe and secure take on new meaning. People who are elderly or ill need to look at adding some features to their home security system that will allow them to stay in their house longer. 

Medical Alert Devices

One thing that people who are elderly or who have a chronic illness can really benefit from having is a medical alert device. These devices are something the person can wear or keep with them so that they can hit the button if something happens, such as a stroke, heart attack, or fall. There are now even rubberized bracelets that a person can wear 24 hours a day, so there is no risk of something happening to the alert device.

The device alerts the security monitoring company, who can then do a couple of things. They can directly notify emergency services, and they can notify a third party who can then call the person to check on their well being and notify emergency services as necessary. How the alert is handled depends on several things, including the location of the person, distance to family members or emergency contacts, and distance to medical facilities. 

Wireless Remotes

There are many people who are elderly or ill who have lost at least some of their mobility. That can make it difficult to reach the alarm keypad in time in the case of a false alarm or to arm it for the night. A wireless remote can be kept in a pocket, in a drawer, or on a convenient table, which makes it much easier for the person to handle false alarms. Instead of trying to rush to a keypad, all the person has to do is put a code into their small, wireless remote. These remotes can also help people who have temporary mobility issues, like after a broken limb or surgery. 

Everyone wants to feel safe in their own home. A security system is one way to make sure that can happen. Adding more safety features can help people who are elderly or chronically ill feel that safety and help them stay in their homes longer. A good alarm company can add those features into an already existing alarm system without having to totally dismantle the system and install a new one. 

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Author: Randy Ross

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