Protect Your Belongings While Minimizing Waste – A Size Guide For Storage Units

Whether you’re looking to stash a couple items left over after moving into a new home or trying to figure out how to put an entire office building into storage, there’s almost certainly a commercial storage unit that will meet your needs. However, many people hesitate to commit to a rental due to uncertainty over how much space they need and concerns about wasting their rent.

In order to combat those concerns, it’s important that you select a unit that will meet your specific needs. Below, you’ll find a guide that should help you select between common sizes of commercial storage units, guaranteeing that you can receive the storage you need while avoiding paying for space you won’t use.


Among the smallest available commercial storage units, a 5×10 unit is designed for use by people who are only looking to store a few items. Typically, if you have an extra set of bedroom furniture or a few office cartons, a 5×10 unit should handle your needs with careful packing.

In order to maximize your space usage, it’s important that you make use of your vertical room as well. Making sure that vulnerable items are protected by furniture blankets should allow you to comfortably stack your items in such a way that you can be guaranteed to use every possible inch.


For people transitioning between offices or jobs who need to put an entire office into storage, a 10×10 unit may be the right choice. A full complement of office furniture should fit comfortably along with several file boxes, guaranteeing that your transition is as smooth as possible.

Homeowners can also make use of the expanded storage options of a 10×10 unit. If you’ve recently inherited a large amount of furniture, for example, a 10×10 unit can offer you a space to store a few sizable pieces until you’re able to make room or otherwise dispose of it in whatever manner you see fit.


Among the largest available commercial storage units, a 10×30 unit is designed to hold the complete contents of a medium sized home. This allows it to be very useful for people transitioning to a new home in the short term, or for storing the items of an elderly loved one’s home in the long term. A 10×30 unit should also comfortably fit a full set of furniture from a moderately sized office, allowing you to keep important belongings protected while you search for a new space for your business.

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Author: Randy Ross

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