What Do You Do With Excessive Hunter’s Taxidermy Trophies?

Do you love hunting and/or fishing? Do you collect stuffed trophies of your kills each year? Are you running out of space in your home to keep those trophies? Well, maybe it is time for some of those mounts to be moved out of your home and into a home of their own. Self-storage units are available for instances such as this, and here, you will learn how to properly pack and store those stuffed trophies to ensure they remain in good condition for a very, very long time.

What do you pack the stuffed trophies in?

For absolute best results, the animal trophies should be stored in wooden crates. The wood will allow for enough air circulation to keep them in good condition, but enough protection to keep them from becoming damaged by movement and rodents.

A little extra work should be put into preparing the wooden crates for use. Purchase a tube of silicone caulk and run a bead of caulk around all of the corners and cracks in the crate. This will provide an extra layer of protection from insects and moisture.

Throw a handful of rodent and pest poison pellets into the bottom of the crate. This will kill any pests that do get into the crate before they can damage the trophies.

How do you pack the stuffed trophies?

Animal trophies that are freestanding can be set gently into the wooden crate. After positioned, fill the open spaces in the crate with straw or another packing material to keep it from falling over or getting damaged during transport.

Wall-mounted trophies can be screwed to the sides or bottom of the wooden crate. This makes it possible to store more than one trophy in a crate and ensures that it will remain in the same position in which you put it. After mounted to the crate, fill the open areas of the crate with straw or packing material.

Where do you store the stuffed trophies?

The self-storage unit that you choose must be climate-controlled. Without a climate-controlled environment, the stuffed trophies will become damaged. Uncontrolled moisture and temperatures will cause the hides to crack, the glue to fail and the trophy to warp and swell. This gives you an option of moving some of the collection out of the home without having to get rid of them altogether.

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Author: Randy Ross

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