3 Tips For Buying Model Home Furniture

Have you ever gone through a model home and found yourself more in love with the furnishings than the house? There’s good news. In many cases you can actually buy that furniture. You likely can’t buy it on the spot while you’re touring the home, but you may be able to purchase it when the builder is done using the model home. In many cases, model home furniture is priced well below similar new furniture sold in retail stores. Here are a few different ways you can purchase model home furniture:

Buy directly from the builder. Perhaps the best way to buy furniture is to simply ask the builder’s representative if you can do so. They’ll likely have a close-out date when the community is expected to be finished. At that time, they’ll no longer need the furniture. Ask them what price they’d want for it. If you can pick it up directly from the model home, they may be more inclined to accept your offer. The sales rep in the model home may not be able to answer all your questions, but they can likely put you in contact with the correct person at their company.

Buy at an auction. Some builders have contracts in place with auction companies. The auction company may buy the furniture at a discount and then sell it to the highest bidder. Or the auction company could sell it and give a percentage of the proceeds to the builder. Either way, in this case, you won’t be able to buy directly from the builder. However, the builder may be able to tell you the name of their auction company and when the furniture will become available.

You’ll probably have to contact the auction company to get on their invitation list. Also, be ready to bring money to pay upfront and a truck to haul the furniture away should you have the winning bid. You may pay more than you would if you bought directly from the builder. However, you may also get invited to numerous auctions and have the ability to view furniture from many model homes.

Buy from a discount furniture store. Finally, there are some large stores that exclusively buy and sell used furniture. They source their furniture from a number of places including rental companies, film and television sets, and model homes. Again, furniture in these types of stores may cost more than if you bought straight from the builder. However, you’ll be able to view a wide assortment of discounted and gently used furniture from a number of different sources.

For more information, search for a discount furniture reseller in your area. They can help you find quality model home furniture that meets your budget and your design goals. Experts like Consignment Furniture Warehouse of Fort Myers Inc can help you here.

Author: Randy Ross

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