2 Reasons To Consider Forced Air Instead Of Radiant Heating

Trying to decide what type of heating system to install in your home can be a bit tricky, especially since the major heating options all have their own distinct advantages. Two reasons to consider a forced air heating system instead of radiant heating are cost and comfort.


A radiant heating system is typically going to be more expensive to purchase and install than a forced air heating system. This is because the upfront equipment cost for a radiant heating system is going to be higher due to all of the components you will need. In most cases, a forced air heating system will require fewer components. 

Another reason that a forced air heating system is cheaper is because less labor is required to install the system itself. This is especially true if you already have a duct system in place for a central air conditioning system. 

However, when you install a radiant heating system, you will end up going through a much more intensive installation process. The contractors will need to tear up your floors and walls in order to install the necessary pipes and heating panels.

Once the panels and pipes are installed, the contractors will then need to rebuild your floors and walls in order to restore them to their previous appearance. This will not only cost more money, but it will also result in a heating system that will take longer to install.


A forced air heating system is going to be the best option for you if you want to have your house heat up to the desired temperature as quickly as possible. This is because the furnace will heat the air to the temperature you want before distributing it throughout your house. In addition, the forced-air system will be blowing that hot air into every room of your house at once, which means that you will be able to feel the air warming up very quickly no matter where you are in the home.

However, if you have a radiant heating system, you will need to wait a bit longer before you start feeling the warming effects of the heating system. The reason for this is that the radiant heating system will need time to heat the walls and floors surrounding the heating pipes and panels before the air in your home begins warming up. 

Speak to a heating contractor from a company like Arnold Service Co in order to discuss the many benefits that forced air heating can provide. A forced air heating system is a better choice than radiant heating because it is less expensive, while also being able to warm your home to a comfortable degree in a short amount of time.

Author: Randy Ross

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