Moving To A New Home? Here Are A Tips For Preventing Damages To Your Old Home

It’s time to move to your new home. You’ve called the movers and your belongings are ready to be loaded on to the truck. Before you head out and lock the doors for the last time, there are a few things you should take care of for the new owners. If there’s going to be a delay between when you move out and the new owners move in, you should shut the house down. Here are just a few things you should include on your shutdown list.

Turn The Water Off

Before you move out of your home, you should turn the water off at the street. If the water has been left on it could pose a problem for the new owners, especially if you’re moving during the winter. Freezing weather can cause the water pipes to break inside your home. If the water is left on, the new owners could be faced with a flooded home. Go out to the meter and turn the water off to the house. This can help reduce the chances of water damage while the home is vacant.

Stop The Mail

Even if you’ve already put in your change of address, you should contact the post office and have them stop delivery to the home until the new owners move in. You should also have the newspaper stopped. Mail sitting in the mailbox, or newspapers laying in the driveway, can invite intruders. A vacant home can be a target for vandalism.

Notify The Local Police Department

Once the movers have left with your belongings, notify the local police department. Let them know that you’ve moved out, and give them an approximate date when the new owners will be moving in. This can prevent potential vandalism, especially if the police notice activity around the house before the new owners are scheduled to move in.

Notify The Electric Company

Transfer the electricity out of your name but have the electric company keep service on to the house. Install a timer in your home which will allow a porch light to come on when it starts getting dark. Burglars and vandals will avoid the house if they think someone is still living there.

Close The Curtains

Before you leave the house for the last time, be sure to close all the curtains and blinds. Empty houses are targets for people who want to see what’s inside. If the curtains are closed, people will not be able to look inside and find out that it’s empty.

The moving company will make sure that all of your property gets moved to your new home. You can make sure that everything else goes smoothly by shutting down your old home, and making sure that your new home is shut down, as well. This will ensure that both homes are protected during the move.

For more moving tips, contact local movers.



Author: Randy Ross

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