3 Reasons Entrepreneurs Need Shipping Crates

You’ve finally done it. As an entrepreneur, you’ve developed a new product that will change the world, and you’ve landed multiple contracts to sell your masterpiece in retailers nationally. The hard part is over, but your ability to differentiate your product could make or break sales performance. Leaving your marketing to the sales-floor professionals would be a mistake, as nearly 33 percent of salespeople are less than qualified for their job. 

One way to shine is by using shipping crates for more than just transporting your product. Instead of unpacking the product from the crates, instruct retailers to use the packed crate as part of the store display to separate it from traditional shelving. Here’s how this will set your product apart. 


Even though your product may be new, the display doesn’t have to be. Introduce a nostalgia element to your product display with vintage wooden shipping crates that are sure to capture the imagination of shoppers. By carrying over a similar theme to the product labeling, customers may be willing to give the item a try simply for the feel-good effect your product inspired. 

Brand Awareness

Using shipping crates to display your product in stores will reinforce your brand to customers, bringing it closer to becoming a household name. By custom ordering your shipping crates, you can decide to have your logo splashed across the sides of the crate, which will build brand awareness with your customers in the process. 

Your brand will also be associated with environmental sustainability. Using wooden crates instead of cardboard boxes, for instance, means you can reuse the containers time and time again. Wooden boxes are strong and uniform in their structure, so you won’t have to discard them after a few shipments and you will know the precise capacity of each container. Simply collect the crates or have them sent back to you once your products are sold out.


Have you ever walked into a retailer and seen a rack of products that are haphazardly thrown on shelves? This could be the result of lazy salespeople or eager customers sorting through their options. Whatever the cause, you don’t want your product to become unseen by prospective customers. By using shipping crates, you’re maintaining some level of control over your product display.

The crate doesn’t have to sit on traditional shelving. Instead, crates can be stacked vertically on the floor at either end of the aisle or mid-aisle, as long as the space is wide enough. If this isn’t possible, the top and bottom shelves generally lend themselves to more space and might be suitable for crates. Considering your product will have its own spot, it’s less likely to get lost among a sea of competing items.   


Keep in mind that the higher your sales, the more negotiating power you will have with store owners for the way your products are displayed. Get your shipping crates from a company like Portland Packaging Co Inc today.

Author: Randy Ross

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